Minister and Ombudsman Visits

The Honourable Minister MacAuley Visits the CIMVHR Office

The Honorable Lawrence MacAulay, former Minister of Veterans Affairs, met with CIMVHR Leadership, Drs. David Pedlar and Stephanie Bélanger, on January 18, 2023, in the CIMVHR office. The discussion focused on various ongoing projects, funding opportunities, research on Veteran addictions as well as homelessness, and research priorities for Veterans Affairs Canada. In addition, topics of conversation were an update on CIMVHR’s research on families presented by Dr. Heidi Cramm, as well as on the latest issues of the Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health with the invited guest editor, Dr. Ron Shore who summarized his research on Psychedelics for PTSD: Research, Practice and Policy Considerations for Canadian Veterans, From a Rapid Review on Psychedelic Medicine.

Dr. Stéphanie Bélanger, The Honourable Minister MacAuley and Dr. David Pedlar.
Minister MacAuley with meeting participants at the CIMVHR office.

Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces Ombudsman Discusses Research Priorities with CIMVHR Leadership

On February 27, 2023, Mr. Gregory Lick, the National Defence and Canadian Forces Ombudsman met with Drs. Stéphanie Bélanger and David Pedlar to discuss their research priorities and learn about what CIMVHR is doing in those fields.

The discussion focused on the importance of evidence-based research to better inform DND policies. Conversations on military families’ specific needs (Dr. Heidi Cramm) as well as prescribed drugs (Dr. Ron Shore) provided the Ombudsman with valuable data. A few papers taken from The Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health were discussed, as the journal is being consulted regularly by the Ombudsman’s team for better decision making.

Dr. David Pedlar, Mr. Gregory Lick, Dr. Stéphanie Bélanger, Dr. Heidi Cramm, Jocelyne Halladay, and Dr. Ron Shore.